House proud? Are you one of the UK’s 43% home perfectionists…!

Check out this very interesting research done by Carpetright – do you agree, are you shocked, is this reality?

House Proud Britain: A nation of perfectionists, who care more about their homes than themselves.

According to an online survey carried out in November 2014 on 1,773 individuals by Carpetright, we live in a nation of perfectionists, who spend more money on their house than their own wellbeing and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with their loo.

• 85% of us aren’t afraid to venture down the sides of the sofa, as we’re confident it’s just as clean as the exterior (we say – never venture down there unless short of a few coins for a pint of milk!)

• 62% of us would probably prefer to spend our well-earned cash on our homes, rather than ourselves (we say – absolutely, with the exception being shoes and children – in that order!)

• A staggering 87% of us clean our toilets up to 3 times a week (we say – come on, really?! What, a ‘proper’ clean?!)

• The majority (78%) of people asked love to vacuum, ensuring they do it at least once a week (we say – love to vacuum compared to cleaning toilets, but not compared to a meal out with friends, walks along the beach, shoe shopping etc!)

True Colours  Kirath Ghundoo wallpaper (3)

With the majority of statistics supporting our perfect house proud personalities, there seems to be a few tasks that us Brits just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do:
• 1/5 of people only wash their bed sheets once a month (we say – too busy with the toilets probably!)

• 21% of people asked stated they don’t dust their house ( we say – just open the windows and let the wind do the rest!)

Carpetright are interested in finding out how house-proud their consumers are and what motivates them within the home interiors sector. They found that our beloved furry friends are our main weakness when it comes to looking after our homes, with 47% of people saying their pets’ roamed free around most areas of their house.
Nevertheless, a nation that is 43% perfectionists can’t be a bad one to live in!

We say – we need to try harder, we are definitely one of the 57% that aren’t perfectionists even though we have a passion for homes!

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