Monthly Archives: January 2014

Improving energy efficiency in your home infographic

So, it’s winter time, and as well as the rain to endure, the worry of rising heating bills in the home is on many people’s minds – I know I am putting on another jumper rather than turn the heating up! Check out this interesting infographic from MPK Lofts outlining how heat escapes and suggestions […]

Monthly decorating tips – how to strip paint

Welcome to a new development for 2014 – a monthly painting and decorating advice blog from Checkatrade expert Wayne de Wet (@decorum28). Thanks to everyone who submitted questions via Twitter and email – the answers will be coming up over the next few months. For this month, Wayne looks at how to strip paint safely […]

Kitchens through the ages from Homebase

Homebase Infographic shows us how kitchens have evolved through the ages – how far back can you remember?! Which is your favourite? Have to say, I’m loving the 1970s, but look how far the kitchen has come – from an open fire to a beautiful contemporary fitted kitchen.

January ‘How to’ – hang a door

Monthly ‘How to’ from and A Passion for Homes Our very popular monthly ‘How to’ blog from a expert continues with:  How to hang an internal door: By Nick Underwood, owner, 1st Choice Improvements heating and plumbing. ‘Sometimes homeowners wish to replace doors inside their homes or hang news ones if they are […]