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Meet millionaire property expert Kevin Green and his new book The Rich Rules

If you haven’t come across this inspirational businessman and property expert before, I would like to introduce you to the amazing Kevin Green; TV star, self-made mulit-millionaire, inspirational speaker, motivator and a totally fantastic person. Kevin was very supportive of A Passion for Homes when it began, attending our launch in London, introducing us to […]

How do you search for your next home? Vote Now!

Don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a new kid on the block when it comes to searching online for your next home or property (or, let’s face it, having a nose inside your neighbour’s house now it’s up for sale, or checking out home much your property could be worth, or just […]

How DIY SOS saved The Doll’s House, DIY SOS and ‘The Dolls’ House’ So, see how using could have helped home owner Michael Purdie avoid cowboy builders and not have to call on Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team to rebuild ‘The Dolls’ House’… Kevin Byrne, CEO of is championing Michael Purdie, victim of a West Sussex rogue […]

Home staging an empty three storey new home with Chambers Estate Agent

Home staging an empty property is slightly different from home staging a property that is being lived in and is already decorated and furnished. Think all you need to so is fit neutral carpets and paint the walls magnolia? No necessarily, as this case study of a recent property I worked on reveals! This three […]

Somerset House – a stunning dream home with indoor cinema…

Somerset House – is a stunning dream home with indoor cinema… Barton Wyatt, leading Surrey Estate Agent is selling Somerset House – not however the WC2 version but a stunning home affording the same iconic name nestled in the leafy enclaves of Wentworth, North Surrey. Impress your friends by inviting them to exclusive film viewings […]

September ‘How to’ blog – painting kitchen doors

Our very successful monthly ‘How to’ blogs from continue, with September taking you through how to professionally paint and revitalise your kitchen cupboard doors. If done well, this can change the look of your kitchen without costing thousands of pounds! But beware, done badly, it can look awful, so follow the advice carefully!  How […]

Space saving loft design by Landmark Lofts

This guest blog by Landmark Lofts is a great read, featuring designer tips on making the most of space in a loft, often an awkward shape to work with – some tips are definitely transferable to other rooms in your house too! Enjoy… How to maximise space in your home – a space-saving guest post […]