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Iconic furniture from TV and film – can you name them all and add to them?

Seeing a single item of furniture from your favourite TV programme or film can send you right back via the nostalgia train, to the time and place where memories were made – back to the 1990s where our Friends sat on the couch in Central Perk, Frasier’s Dad’s well-loved Barcalounger chair… And new memories are […]

Some of the most expensive homes in the world and who owns them!

So, bet you think that in terms of the most expensive house in the world it’s impossible to beat Buckingham Palace, the $1.55B royal residence of British kings and queens, but it turns out there’s a house in London that’s worth even more. It’s owned by Elena Franchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch. Her “humble abode” is […]

Advice on choosing room colours – infographic from Homebase

If choosing colours for your home worries you, or you think there is just too much choice, then this interesting infographic from Homebase may help, plus they have a very interesting colour quiz on their Facebook page – check it out, it’s fun  – apparently I should be living in an Irish Castle (I wish!) […]

If you’ve ever thought of building your own home, check out this infographic!

Thanks to for this interesting infographic – gives a great summary of some interesting starting points! If you are building your own home, would love to see some pictures and hear your story! Jo x PS – cover picture kindly supplied by Anglian Home Improvement   Also, don’t forget to visit the main A […]

Bed linen guide from House of Fraser – buying from now on will be a dream!

  Check out this bed linen guide from House of Fraser – makes fantastic reading and perfect sense – thanks guys! Cover photos is the Sheridan Chroma Range from House of Fraser.   Don’t forget to visit the main A Passion for Homes website for more interior design, home staging stories, home products, dream homes, […]

How does your sleeping position change through your life?

We all have our favourite sleeping position, but did you know that it’s probable that this changes through your life, and is certainly affected by external elements in each life stage, such as having children or living alone… Check out this infographic from Carpetright and see if you agree – which is your favourite sleeping […]

Improving energy efficiency in your home infographic

So, it’s winter time, and as well as the rain to endure, the worry of rising heating bills in the home is on many people’s minds – I know I am putting on another jumper rather than turn the heating up! Check out this interesting infographic from MPK Lofts outlining how heat escapes and suggestions […]

Kitchens through the ages from Homebase

Homebase Infographic shows us how kitchens have evolved through the ages – how far back can you remember?! Which is your favourite? Have to say, I’m loving the 1970s, but look how far the kitchen has come – from an open fire to a beautiful contemporary fitted kitchen.

Sleeping Habits from Around the World – night, night!

How the Rest of the World Sleeps – An infographic by the team at Carpetright Beds