What no blogs? What have I been doing for the last 18 months?

Long story short, while in Glasgow on the way to watch the totally awesome Andy Murray play tennis in the Davis Cup I tripped over nothing and shattered my shoulder (no, I wasn’t drunk, sadly!).

Did I still go to the Emirates Arena and watch Andy – absolutely – thanks to a sling and a few painkillers from St John’s Ambulance!

I had no idea I had damaged my shoulder as badly as someone coming off a motorbike at speed, even though it stung a bit!!!

Had operation to insert plates and screws (and six more)

The wound got infected by two lovely bugs, which resulted in spurts of pus decorating the hospital reception area and many clothes in the bin

Two stays in hospital, every antibiotic under the sun to try and kill the duo of disaster with only a brand new antibiotic eventually killing off the ‘big brother bug’ and my fantastic body doing a grand job of eventually killing off the ‘little bro bug’.

After amazing physio by the truly talented Kent Fyrth my totally frozen wrist is back,  my elbow is unlocked, my arm is straight.


Sadly my shoulder is pretty much a goner resulting in limited movement and daily discomfort and pain and a right hand that’s lost some mobility.

Not so brill, but not so bad either…

I fell on a busy road – I could have been run over

I am now infection free

It has reinforced what I already knew but now remind myself every day – my family and friends are incredible and I am so lucky to have them in my life

It has taught me to not sweat the small stuff (although trying to get the lid off jam still makes me very cross!)

I am now left-handed and isn’t the world set up for righties?!

My employers Trinity Mirror are amazing, having supported me throughout and now have specialist equipment in place and Dragon Software so I can chat my articles rather than type for hours – I’m back very part-time at joanne.ridout@trinitymirror.com and full-time in a few months

I’m addicted to Judge Rinder, Lethal Weapon and Ghost Adventures

Comfort eating makes you put on weight!

Oh, and I recon I must win Andy Murray’s best fan award…   surely!?!



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