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‘Jo was fantastic to work with recently, writing a superb article for the company blog. She not only wrote a great article, she implemented a good social campaign to promote the article, working with other companies effortlessly. I would highly recommend Jo and look forward to working with her again soon. As a writer/editor – great results, personable, and creative.’    Louie Watts, Anglian Home Improvement

‘A Passion For Homes’ blog is one of our all-time favourites. Because its content is consistently well-written, fresh, relevant and insightful, it’s a great resource for homeowners, design and architecture enthusiasts and other businesses in the industry. Jo knows how to use social media in an edgy and advantageous way, and one only needs to have a look on Twitter or Facebook to see that A Passion For Homes has an impressive and original online presence. We were delighted to be featured on A Passion For Homes in August. Jo proved to be an absolute pleasure to work with – professional, friendly and full of colourful ideas – and we look forward to working on her and the team more in the near future.’ Jacqui Henderson, Landmark Group

‘Many, many thanks for the outstanding leadership you provided on your blog and other social media to provide fab content for our customers to be. The caliber of Passion for Homes work has been exceptional, and will have a major impact in guiding through this social mind filed in the year ahead. We have you and your team to thank for this, in large way. We know how hard you have been working to ensure that the world knows about us, and we hope you know how we appreciate your great work.’ Street Dreams / Out of the Dark, as featured in Heal’s

‘Excellent descriptions, they were really good, some absolute gems in there and the perfect length and tone.’ Feedback from after writing web content for the company.

‘A Passion for Homes is showcasing everything beautiful in property – an exquisite insight into all things beautiful in property. Passion is an understatement. Obsession is more applicable! Significantly contributed to raising our profile on social media, was absolutely beneficial to work with Jo.’ William Evans, Landmass London

‘Jo was kind enough to write a guest post for the UK Oak Doors site and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result! She chose some fantastic products with lots of stunning pictures and the post has been really popular so far. Jo is never too far from twitter, she’s a really active part of the interior design community and is a down-right great person to follow! She’s always upbeat, friendly and has interesting and unusual links to share. Passionforhomes is one of my very favourite blogs, thanks to the wide range of styles on show, top tips and interesting interviews. Honest and funny, Jo’s genuine passion for homes shines through on every page.’ Mike Bowers, UK Oak Doors

‘The A Passion for Homes blog is a great source of content for anything home related. With multiple updates a week, it keeps me returning to read any new content. Blog posts are well written and a good length to get into detail without losing interest. Following @passionforhomes on Twitter is a great way to be alerted to blog updates as well as other interesting info.’ Colin Farr, Director, Findahood

‘I really love your site, it’s wonderful.’  Gabrielle Omar (from BBC TV’s The Apprentice)

‘Lovely to learn in a fun environment – really helped open the doors to understanding how social media can boost business and raise company awareness.’   Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company

‘…interesting and engaging, some excellent information on social networks like Pinterest that was handy for both the beginners and the social-media-savvy. Funny, concise and informative.’  Mark Russell, dwell

‘I am delighted to be supporting ‘A Passion for Homes’ and I wish the new venture every success.’  Kevin Green, TV’s Secret Millionaire and the biggest private sector landlord in the UK

‘A Passion for Homes looks like an ideal place for the British home-moving public to supplement their property fix, and we look forward to continuing to working with them.’  Rightmove’s Social Media Manager, Sarah Brown

‘…insight, opinions and a great eye, this next step is well worth watching.’ Andy Bridge from A Place in the Sun

‘As an agent who sees many properties, it takes a lot to impress, I must say, I’m impressed! Great site, plenty to browse and all very interesting, will keep returning.’ Richard Morris, from Hartleys Estate Agents in the Midlands

‘Just been to your site and impressed, nice looking site and good content.’  BMV Facebook Group

‘Congratulations on the website, really well presented and thought out’   Kemp & Co Estate Agent, West Dorset

Jo Ridout presenting at Grand Designs Live

Here I am presenting at Grand Designs Live 2013. Nervous? You bet, but as soon as I got out there on stage, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Contact me for marketing and writing services, interior design and home-staging and promotional videos and photography –

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