Content writing for external blogs and websites

I love blogs.

Writing for them, being part of a news blog, retweeting fantastic blogs and meeting bloggers on Twitter!

This blog was a finalist at the 2014 UK Blog Awards, which is due to the fantastic support it gets from visitors and fellow bloggers!

And it’s so easy to do, you really can blog about the things that you are passionate about – go on, jump in and join the blogging community!


Companies I have written content for include:

Anglian Home Improvement



John Lewis




Anglian Home Improvements

External Blogs I have written for include:

Estate Agent Networking

Anglian Home Improvements



Urban Estate Agents

Mike Bowers


CP Hart

A Passion for Homes, of course!

Blogs I have appeared on include (and do check out these blogs they are cool!)

CIAT Hub Daily

The Which Property Agent Daily


The Bents Garden & Home Daily

The Edward Foley Daily

The Carla Bradman Daily


@WilliamBuist News

The Nirvana Audio Visual Daily

Studio Tonic #interiordesign Tonic

The Sawdye & Harris Daily Newspaper

The Robert Dene Daily Journal

Cleaning Creating a Healthy Home

Thomas & Thomas Furniture

The School Appeals Daily

The Useful Unique Tweets Daily

Tileflair Trends

The Customised Chronicle

Indekor Design Daily

Property Page UK

Loving My Nightly

The Daily Express from

The Introbiz Daily

Agentright Daily Dose

Airings On Design


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