Now’s the time for vinyl flooring to shine – from stripes to metallic…

Visiting my friend in her lovely new build home, I was very interested to see the significant use of vinyl flooring by the developers. In the kitchen and bathrooms (nothing unusual there) but also the hallway in a wood design which looked so ‘real’ that I had to stop and take a closer look (and because I’m nosey!).

Vinyl has come a long way since the basic plastic patterned options available that I vaguely remember from my childhood. It really is a serious option for flooring in any room. Practical and hard wearing, with multiple choices, it is a purchase that is both stylish and value for money. Happy days!

noblesse_893 carpetright vinyl flooring on a passion for homes

Since the quality of manufacturing, materials used and stylish design has developed beyond all recognition in the last decade, vinyl is now a serious flooring option. Attention to detail in the design means that any flooring effect can be accomplished (hence my being fooled at my friend’s house!).

mardi_gras_spotted_gum_48_7615 carpetright vinyl flooring on a passion for homes

From wood effect in many colour options (brown, grey, black, and even white), stone, slate and marble effects, metallic and mosaic designs – any flooring can be created at a fraction of the cost of tiles. But it doesn’t stop there, now any design is possible to suit any style of decor, from contemporary geometric to vintage shabby chic.

Versatile, practical, stylish and affordable, the hardest part of using vinyl is deciding which design!

Updating your room to a current trend would usually mean changing the cushions, lamp shades, maybe curtains and accessories; but changing the floor too?!

oak-metallic_1 carpetright vinyl flooring on a passion for homes

Vinyl makes this possible, from a modern metallic (above) to funky stripes (below) to classic stone and warming wood, your flooring can now become a statement piece as an integral part of your room design. Make it the starting point of your room design, and build your scheme around it.

graphiclooks_mardigras_a_5795rt carpetright vinyl flooring on a passion for homes

Available as a roll or in tiles, whatever your room design requires, there’s a vinyl available to complement it at such a reasonable cost that your budget will stretch to buying even more cushions! Brilliant!

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