Space saving loft design by Landmark Lofts

This guest blog by Landmark Lofts is a great read, featuring designer tips on making the most of space in a loft, often an awkward shape to work with – some tips are definitely transferable to other rooms in your house too! Enjoy…

How to maximise space in your home – a space-saving guest post by Landmark Lofts

‘Because the modern family is constantly changing and growing – with the addition of new family members and changing work practices – it is becoming increasingly important for us to have homes that are able to adapt to suit our complex needs and increased belongings. Space is often the biggest issue that confronts London homeowners, but with house prices at five-year highs, moving is simply not an option for the majority of us.

Luckily, there are plenty of big and small ways that you can increase the size of your home, or the appearance of size (which can make all the difference!), thereby avoiding the hassle and expense that accompanies having to relocate to a larger home.

Without further ado, here are some great tips we’ve collected from our team of in-house Design Consultants for making the most out of every millimetre of space in your home:

Make use of natural light and an all-white base. Painting the walls of a room white and adding a white, high-gloss finish to doors allows natural light to bounce around the room and make it appear bigger than it actually is. White doesn’t have to be boring, either – a white base actually makes it a lot easier to incorporate a clear colour scheme into the room and introduce bold colours and patterns that are uniquely you.’

pic 1

‘Utilise every nook and cranny. A great example of this is fitting custom-built cupboards, cabinets, drawers and desks into the eaves space, which is the space in a loft where the roof slopes down to the floor. This space is often labelled as ‘redundant’ because it is usually no more than one metre high at its highest point, but it’s spaces like these that are perfect for sneaking storage solutions into.’

pic 2

‘Think up. Don’t let your fear of heights get the better of when you’re trying to work out ways to incorporate storage solutions into your home. Fit cupboards and shelves right up to the ceiling and store seasonal or decorative items in the hard-to-reach rungs.’

pic 3

‘Opt for walk-in wardrobes. These are a popular storage solution for people with impressive shoe collections because they don’t take up any additional space – rather, they can be built into ‘redundant’ space, similar to recessed shelving.’

pic 4

‘Don’t install greedy doors. If the layout of your room doesn’t allow for a walk-in wardrobe, opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors as opposed to greedy doors that open outwards and take up valuable space. Industrial-style rails that run along the length of the wall work great with simple doors fitted to runners along the floor and ceiling. DIY experts can even give this one a go themselves!’

pic 5

‘Find more ways to look at yourself. Mirrors are a tried and tested way of making a room appear larger than it actually is. You can even use them to conceal cupboards or sliding doors or purely as a design feature. Another benefit is that, with mirrors in every room, you’ll never leave the house again with a giant stain on your shirt!’

pic 6

‘Create ‘walk through’ rooms. Stud walls, which are internal, non-lead bearing walls faced with lath and plasterboard, are a great way of defining different spaces without affecting the feel and appearance of space in a given room. Stud walls work well in rooms that double as home offices because they separate the work space from the bed or from other living spaces without reducing the overall size of the room. You can even sneak a stationery cupboard into the back of your stud wall and make it work overtime as the room’s focal point by adorning it with mirrors and artworks.’

pic 7

‘Think like a criminal. Yes, this means exactly what you think it means. Dust off the blueprints of your house and see if there’s any room for outward or upward movement that could increase the size, liveability and value of your home in a big way. You never know – you could be sitting on a home extension or loft conversion goldmine!’

pic 8

‘Once you’ve pinpointed the areas in your home that are essentially ‘wastes of space’, you can start getting clever with storage and assigning seasonal and everyday items to your new drawers, cupboards and shelves and defining spaces using storage-friendly features like stud walls to make your home more spacious and liveable.’

Landmark Lofts is the only RICS-regulated loft conversion company in South London and the only Chartered Building Company specialising in loft conversions and home extensions in London and the surrounding areas. For more information, visit website:’

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