Creative lighting for the coolest of gardens member Jonathan Fridlington provides a simple guide to being more adventurous with your garden lighting this summer.

With summer just around the corner this is the perfect time of year to revamp your exterior lighting and get your garden ready for those warmer evenings to enjoy barbecues, drinks and gatherings on the decking or just a cosy dinner for two. The right exterior lighting can make all the difference.

Add some sparkle with LED Strip Lighting. This is a great, quick and easy solution for those on a tight budget. With a wide range of LED lights now available these last so much longer than normal traditional bulbs and use a fraction of the energy. LED Strips can either be attached to the decking on top or underneath or you can get creative by installing it in-between the caps of the timber as seen here.

The ENDON LED strip light demonstrated below comes in blue, white or multi colour (red, green and blue). Each strip is 5 metres in length and comes complete with translucent rubber clamps to hold it in place as well as a generous length of feed cable, LED driver pack and a plug top for a very easy installation. The strip can be cut easily to suit the length that you require. Please note that the driver unit and connection themselves are not weather-proof and need to either be installed inside the house or in a weather-proof enclosure. If you are unsure consult a qualified electrician.



Decking areas are important to illuminate especially if the deck area is reasonably elevated. Careful planning will make it easier to see those edges or any steps that you may have. Decking lights will also add an atmospheric ambience to your evening parties and come in a wide range of colours to suit your mood.

The JCC Charon decking lights as pictured here come in packs of 5 in either white or blue. The cables are heavy-duty weather-proof flex so you do not have to worry UV rays breaking down the cables.


All 5 lights connect to two weather-proof connectors, which in turn connect to a low voltage LED driver pack which comes complete with a plug top, again – a very easy installation. It is worth noting that decking lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the lighting effect that you require. The larger the light the more illumination you will gain. Smaller lights will provide subtle effects.

Garden spike lights are a very versatile way of illuminating key feature areas and planting such as flower beds, shrubs or even trees. This JCC NiteLED Ground Spike light used here to illuminate a planted border at night. It can really show off your favourite specimen plants. As an added bonus, this bright light is also great for security as well.


Exterior LED Wall Lights are another great option for keeping your running costs down whilst doing your bit for the planet. Lights such as the JCC NiteLED provide your garden with bright white light whilst looking very stylish. The lights are shown here downlighting an area of container planting.

WallLights2-200x300        WallLights-200x300

Lighting allows you to be a bit adventurous! I have created some of my own lighting simply and effectively. I call these Creatures and these can be nestled in a border, focused on a particular plant or garden feature or simply illuminating a walkway. The possibilities are endless.


Have you thought about how you would like to control your exterior lighting? Sometimes it is not possible to install the switching from inside your house when your lighting is at the other end of the garden. Installing a simple remote control system will allow you to control your lighting from the comfort of your sofa enabling you to view those lovely illuminated borders. Options allow you to control 4 separate zones from one easy remote!

So this summer – why not make more of your outside space and bring your garden to life.

Remember always consult a fully qualified self-certifying electrician for all of your garden lighting and power requirements.

Lighting featured in this article: JCC NiteLED Wall Bar, JCC Charon LED Deck Lights Blue, JCC NiteLED Ground Spike supplied by JCC through WF Electrical Chichester.

Creatures – bespoke lighting by Jonathan Fridington Electrical.


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