Debenhams blogger garden competition

Check out the amazing garden competition for bloggers to enter – I have – take a look below, what do you think? Don’t think I will be winning any literary prizes any time soon, but it was great fun to enter. If you are a blogger, you can enter by visiting the company’s blog.

Visit Debenhams online to see their fantastic spring garden range for information on my top picks of the ranges available.

Help me Debenhams, my little garden is looking so sad
Dead flowers, thriving weeds, broken decking – it’s really very bad!
It’s been battered and blown all winter through
I’m at my wits end, what am I to do?

Then I visit your fabulous store online
See so many beautiful products that just have to be mine

A parasol to protect my fair skin from the sun
A chair in the shape of an apple looks like great fun

I could sit in style on a day bed or on a stunning lime green chair
Or relax and snore in a lounger, to make the neighbours stare!

Table settings that will impress family and friends
Funky glasses and plates, the style never ends

Thank you Debenhams, your garden range is a fabulous one
Now my garden looks gorgeous, all I need is the sun!

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