Indoor slides to put the fun and speed back into your home!

Ever had a sneaky slide down the stair bannister rail when you were a kid (or a big kid!). Yes, so did we! Definitely not just for kids, an indoor slide is the best fun your house can provide!

Welcome Jane Blanchard to the blog, with her take on the indoor slide…

‘You might say slides are for the playground, but they add fun to the indoors, too. It’s not necessary to have a huge space for these childhood dream additions either. Browse through some of these awesome indoor slides to get an idea for your next remodel. Whether it’s a small slide for a child’s room or an entry point into the living room, these playground staples come in all shapes and sizes.’

‘For homes with a long staircase, try adding a slide directly beside it. When the kids are ready for school, they just slide down and hop out the door. Not only would this slide idea work well for a residential home,even a few corporate businesses might be interested in this decor option to make the workday fly by with a little fun between floors.’

indoor slides on a passion for homes blog hall stairs

courtesy Neatorama

Build that quintessential slide in your child’s room to please almost any age. One of the simplest ways to add it is using this room as inspiration. The slide is just alongside the ladder that leads to the top bunk. Because it’s relatively small, the slide’s base doesn’t need a special landing area. Young children won’t ever leave the room with this playground inside.

indoor slides on a passion for homes blog children's room

courtesy DesigntoInspire

We love how this slide almost serves as a sculpture, helping with the room’s symmetry and drawing the eye all the way up to the second floor where there are even more shelves full of books.

indoor slides on a passion for homes blog living room

courtesy Ultralinx

This slide design in an Indonesian home will take some brain work to incorporate, but it truly adds to the home’s fun appearance. It’s literally a permanent part of the structure as it bows out of the second floor. Although this model is rectangular, you could add a circular one for a more streamlined appearance. The child’s face says it all. Fun will always be ready when dinner time is called. Add the top slide section to the end of a hallway to allow the whole family to use the slide.

indoor slides on a passion for homes blog outside inside

courtesy Dezeen

More home inspiration can be found at Modernize but don’t forget to visit again soon!

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