The Art of the Brick – an amazing exhibition from the simplest of toys

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a most unusual exhibition in London at The Old Truman Brewery called The Art of The Brick. It’s on tour around the world and it’s here in the UK until 12 April 2015.  The artist is Nathan Sawaya and he creates the most engaging and accessible art and sculptures that all the family can truly enjoy that I have ever experienced – all made out of… Lego bricks!

Sounds strange and not that good, right? Nope – it was totally amazing, awesome, enjoyable, and inspiring  – Nathan left his job as a lawyer to answer the call of his inner artist and embrace his talent to create the most breath-taking Lego brick sculptures imaginable. I am in awe – I can’t even put the simplest of Lego box kits together!

What has The Art of the Brick got to do with A Passion for Homes? Well, I strongly believe that every home needs art; art is what makes your home truly personal to you. It doesn’t have to be original or expensive, it just needs to make you happy every time you see it in your home. I have a print of a Cornish beach at eye level in the bathroom, so every time I brush my teeth and I look at it, I smell the Cornish sea breeze, and feel the wind in my hair (or someone has left the window open!). But, you know what I mean!

And surely every home has either the memory of childhood Lego moments, or the actual bricks themselves, somewhere under the roof. This toy brand has become part of most people’s childhood. The company themselves have been very strategically astute over the years – reigniting the engagement with every generation, with clever partnerships with brands such as Star Wars and Batman.

But if you think it’s just a humble plastic brick, a simple toy, I encourage you to see The Art of the Brick and you will change your mind, thanks to the genius of Nathan Sawaya.

Here are my favourite pieces (including a shot down the inside of the leg of one of the figures to see how it’s constructed!). There are so many to be amazed by, I encourage you to see the exhibition for yourself (until 4 Jan).




The Art of the Brick dinosaur on A Passion for Homes

Over 80,000 bricks in this one!

The Art of the Brick Incomplete on A Passion for Homes

Called ‘Incomplete’ I can identify with this one

The Art of the Brick Incompletes leg on A Passion for Homes

This is the inside of ‘Incomplete’ man’s leg

The Art of the Brick artist on A Passion for Homes

Nathan finds the artist inside the lawyer





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