Amazing and inspirational interior design lighting

I am thrilled to welcome to the A Passion for Homes blog, the award-winning interior and lighting designer Susan Quirke, who shares her design ideas illustrated by her award-winning portfolio of lighting work. Amazing lighting for your interior design inspiration for any room, from kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and open plan living, Susan has beautiful designs for all.  Totally gorgeous, I’m loving the purple the most, what about you?

Tell us more Susan…


‘Often clients get in a real muddle over colour and how to create an overall colour scheme. The key is not to be scared of colour, it’s not the colour that goes wrong it’s the amount of it that you use. Dramatic accents of vibrant colours work beautifully to warm up a gloomy room and blending the colour scheme with some of the furniture fabrics or the soft furnishings and lighting creates a beautifully thought-out scheme. Using colour on one key wall such as over a fireplace or behind a bookshelf or on a feature column creates drama without being overpowering.’


lighting design on a passion for homes blog susan quirke kitchen diner


‘Lighting is a very under-rated element within design. I’m surprised how many clients at the beginning of the process brush it aside. For me lighting is one of the most essential elements of the design, as you can buy the most expensive materials and fittings in the world but if they aren’t illuminated properly then they never look at good as they should. Lighting is something to consider at the beginning of the project looking at the different elements from task to accent to picture lighting and feature lighting. You want to create a flexible room where you can just have some background lighting to relax in an evening as well as a practical layout for a dark winter’s morning.’

kitchen lighting design on a passion for homes blog susan quirke

Textured walls

‘It always adds a sense of drama and luxury to play with texture within an interior. There are some very unique wall textures that work fantastically well when illuminated and add a real sense of depth to a room. One feature wall using texture and tone creates an eye-catching interior and breaks away from plain painted walls or regular tiles.’

textured walls and lighting design in dining room a passion for homes blog susan quirke

Bespoke furniture

‘Having a furniture piece bespoke made to fit exactly and in the exact finish you want is always a fantastic option for any interior and is much more cost-effective than clients initially think. I’ve had desks made for offices, floating storage units, wine units, beds, sinks etc. You want your interior to be personal to you and your interests and needs and something like a bespoke wine store is both practical and a beautiful feature piece.’

bedroom interior design lighting on a passion for homes blog Susan Quirke

Bathroom design

‘Bathroom spaces are complicated and many people go for the safe beige option. I think the bathroom space is one of the areas in a home that you can really add your own character and luxury feel. This is the room that you can really relax in and create a spa like space using dramatic lighting and textures. The space plan is key for a successful bathroom and making sure everything fits well in the space. Large mirrors and key lighting set the bathroom space off.’

bathroom interior design lighting on a passion for homes blog susan quirke

Kitchen design

‘When choosing a kitchen there are many different styles and finishes available. With an open plan kitchen always consider an island to tie the kitchen in with the living space and create a social gathering area. Clients always complain about having their back to everyone when cooking so a hob on the central island allows for a practical solution while still looking attractive and with the many beautiful extractors that are more like pieces of art now it’s a good excuse to have one over the island. Dramatic glass splash backs in vibrant colours also brighten the space.’

kitchen interior design lighting on a passion for homes blog susan quirke

Bedroom design

‘When creating a bedroom space think about the type of bed and side units you would like to have as the bed is the key feature of the room and often the bed is overlooked as a key element whereas a sofa is seen as key furniture piece the bed often is quite featureless. I like to design bedrooms using key feature beds such as a floating bed which I’ve under lit which looks like it’s floating in mid-air. Warm textured wallpapers work really well in the bedroom and again full length mirrors are essential. Soft lighting with decorative bedside lights adds to the overall sense of calm and luxury.’

Open-plan living rooms

‘Open plan living rooms can be tricky clients often get confused about how the room is set out. Think of the space as zones from eating, TV area, relax/chill-out area. For this room I’ve divided the room into four zones- the fireplace area where the couple can relax together in the evening, the TV area, the dining area which blends with the kitchen as I’ve had the furniture designed to complement the overall kitchen design, and the kitchen itself which through the use of specialist lighting blends into the space as I’ve added back lighting in a number of areas which all sets to a specific colour at the one time to create a sense of unity.’

Zonal living area interior design lighting on a passion for homes blog

Creating a dressing room area

‘This is one of the major requests from clients in all projects and it’s amazing how you can add a dressing room even if it’s not massive. I’ve redesigned square standard cupboards adding a curve to give a larger walk in dressing room without taking much more from a room and being able to step inside your dressing room creates a sense of luxury and by being clever and looking at all the storage solutions you can buy to help organise your items you can have a really effective storage solution. Again lots of mirrors are essential.’

Effective storage

‘Following on from dressing rooms is overall storage. I would say again this is one of the biggest requests I get from clients and most properties even if they are new-build can look great but are designed like hotel rooms with no practical storage solutions. It’s essential you have a decent unit in the bathroom as well as trying to maximise storage throughout the space. Use every niche and odd space to have some storage built-in. It adds such value to a property and allows for a minimal stream-lined clean room.’

Many thanks Susan, that’s amazing advice and tips and totally beautiful rooms.

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  1. Good lighting effects! Those lighting makes me curious, I don’t know… maybe because of the coice of color. 🙂

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