Four ways to make the most of space in your home

Say ‘Hi!’ to Shelfstore, who have written this guest blog to help us all make the most of the space we have in our homes…

Four Ways to Make the Most of the Space in Your Home
‘No matter how generous your home’s square footage is, at some point you may start to feel that the walls are closing in on you and that you’re in desperate need of more space!

It could be due to a number of different reasons, from a friend or partner moving in, to the arrival of a new born into one’s home – as the number of people living in your home grows, so does the amount of stuff – which leads to the demand for more space.
Not all of us can afford extensions or a new home when we need more space in our lives – but don’t worry, there are ways of creating more space in the home without physically increasing its size or making any other drastic changes.

Just take a look at our clever small space tips on how to make a room in your home feel and look bigger than it actually is:

1. Make the Most of Storage Space

Space within in the home can be increased both physically and even through visual manipulations – there are things you can do to actually increase space and some that you can do seemingly so. The physical increase of space is more effective and you really need to think about making the most of the space you have – and get creative with it.


Just remember, it is the littlest of things that can make the difference, so start thinking about height, filling up that empty corner space you have or having a trusty shelving system in place.

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

If your furniture seems to be taking over the square footage in your home, then it might be time move upwards. Do you see all that empty wall space you have? It might be time to make the most of that space – start reducing the amount of clutter on the ground and get some shelving in place to store those items away. The more storage you use going upwards, the more room you will have on ground – so just be sure to keep moving upwards.


3. Be Clever in the Way You Arrange Your Furniture

Arranging furniture is important – the way you lay out a room creates the atmosphere for the entire room. Don’t be afraid to break the rules when it comes to laying out your furniture – you don’t have to stick to the traditional love shaped seating arrangement around the television. Be different – use the outside of the room to place your sofas, a random space makes a room look more spacious.


4. Use Light Colours

Bright colours are generally easier on the eye – when a room is bright and airy it should feel seemingly bigger than it actually is. Cream colours and light blues are just a few of the best colour combinations that can convert a tiny interior into a seemingly bigger living area. It is all about optical illusion.

Dark colours on the other hand absorb light, making a room look smaller. For an optimum effect, if your furniture is darker, use bright coloured accessories to really stand out and create a focal point of the room. Another idea is, if you have walls that are already dark; paint your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter colour – the wall will then appear further back, making your living room appear bigger.

So what are you waiting for – get creative and start making the most of the available space in your home.’


Many thanks guys, great advice!

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