And so to bed – but which one? Information and design suggestions from A Passion for Homes

And so to bed…. but which one?

It’s a commitment purchase that needs to last for years, it needs to be comfortable (for all occupants!), there is massive choice in bed frame (to divan or not to divan!) and what about the hardness of the mattress too?! Little wonder many people feel daunted when it comes to buying a new bed and a mattress.

Not to mention the bed is the interior design centrepiece of your bedroom too – no pressure then!

OK, let’s take it one step at a time…. First, the bed itself.


Measure the space available for your bed:

* Make sure there is enough space to get in and out of the bed either side

* Make sure there is enough space for even the smallest of bedside tables or stools on at least one side (who wants to put their light, phone, alarm, book, glass of water, false teeth on the floor?!)

* Consider the height of the frame – if you are going for bed with a high headboard or frame, will it fit and also look proportional to your wall space and room size?

* Height of the bed – if you don’t want to be worried about falling from a great height or maybe have difficulty physically getting out of bed, then a sleigh bed or low level bed is a stylish and practical solution, but measure the dimensions of a sleigh bed carefully, including the footboard.

* Mark out the space your bed is going need in your bedroom with masking tape on the floor – eBay (other auction sites are available!) is littered with beds that have ended up being too big for a bedroom.

* Check for door space – can the bedroom door open, but what about the wardrobe doors, the chest of drawers, and space to sit at a dressing table etc?

* Where are the light sockets and do they need moving?

The UK standard sizes of bed available are:
Small single – 2 foot 6 Single – 3 foot
Small double – 4 foot Double – 4 foot 6
King Size – 5 foot Super King Size – 6 foot


Fantastic, you know the size of bed appropriate for your room; now let’s think about style…

Your bed can be classic or contemporary, minimalist or ornate. Think about using single or natural colours or materials and then adorn it with whatever bedding you are lusting after to make it the centre of attention, or you can make the bed frame itself the stand out feature – patterns, bold colours, use of glass and crystals, shaped headboards, complemented by your choice of bedding.

Stella FINAL small (3)

Stella bedding by Kylie Minogue

Sika 01 FINAL small (3)

Sika bedding by Kylie Minogue


Strasbourg bed from Carpetright


The Churchill bed in red & white stripes from And So To Bed

A divan bed is practical, with hidden storage underneath and can have a very neat look if the bed is a single piece of furniture – no need for a valance. Some divans will require a valance, as the headboard is a separate structure to the bed. In this instance, even though you will need to buy a valance, you can change the headboard to change the look of the bed at any time. The choice is yours!


From Carpetright


Icon 1500 from Carpetright


Silent Night from Carpetright

A slatted bed frame can be fantastic at setting the tone of your interior design and are available in many different designs and materials; my personal favourite is wrought iron, what’s yours?

A sleigh bed, or low level bed frame can be very useful in a room with low ceilings or eaves in a loft conversion, as well as looking contemporary and super stylish.


Milano Black bed frame from Carpetright


Pheonix Black bed frame from Carpetright

A four poster bed with a traditional or contemporary design can look totally ‘wow’, but do make sure you measure all of its dimensions!

Leopard 01 FINAL small (3)

Leopard bedding from Kylie Minogue

Some beds hide extra features! A bed that bends and rises, a TV hiding in the footboard, and check out this Silentnight mattress – an occasional guest bed stored under the main bed…


Silentnight luxury guest bed from Carpetright

So, the final piece in the bed puzzle – the mattress – sigh, the potentially stressful bit!

Here are some pointers…

If at all possible, go to a store to try them out. Yes, it can be embarrassing to try them out, but only really if you fall asleep (and if you do, then that’s definitely the mattress for you!). If you share a bed with someone (the dog doesn’t count!) then try and take them with you. This can save years of moaning that they don’t like the firmness of the mattress, and can also help address the problem of rolling together in the night.

Different types of mattress construction
Pocket Sprung Mattress – The most popular type of mattress in the UK, the springs are actually sewn into individual fabric pockets, making it super supportive and individual to you – roll together shouldn’t occur.

Memory Foam Mattress – Also known as memory mattresses, these are topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material that supports all areas of the body.

Continuous coil mattress/open coil – The continuous coil mattress is made from a single looped wire, and open-coil mattress is made of single springs fixed together by one wire. The construction of these mattresses mean that the mattress moves as a single entity, so you are more likely to feel your sleep partner moving during the night. That said, they are at the cheaper end of the price range.

If you or your partner has a dust mite allergy, then a latex or foam mattress may be worth considering. Also, for extra comfort, there are a variety of mattress toppers available, but it won’t support you if your mattress is already sagging!

This is just a snapshot, so do ask the shop assistants for more advice about mattresses and how to look after them.

In addition, please make sure your new mattress is safe to British Standards – more info from British Bed Federation

Spend time trying out a variety of mattresses, don’t rush your purchase – after all, you will be spending the next 33.3% of the next 10 years in bed!

Sweet dreams!


In partnership with Carpetright

Copyright: Jo Ridout, A Passion for Homes

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