Shower doors, designs and lighting, plus vote for your favourite – a bath or a shower?

As showers become ever more popular, the choice and design available to us has also increased. The possibility of adding a stylish shower as a key design feature, not just a box in the corner, has become a reality! With a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, intriguing lighting options and thousands of tile, paint and wallpaper choice, the design options are numerous to say the least! Developments in shower door design mean that even a small recess can become a practical shower space.

One option is to use bi-fold doors for right hand or life hand opening, as this example from Laura Ashley at Homebase illustrates. Even the smallest corner space has the potential to become a shower space, with various sizes of cubicle available, as column shapes, or with a curved frontage. If you have limited floor space in your bathroom, then the use of recessed sliding doors is a must!

laura ashley shower enclosure bi-fold recess left handhaze sliding door recess shower enclosure and tray

The most important aspect to think about first is the space you have available. Take your accurate measurements with you before you go shopping, including the available bathroom floor space (including opening the door if you don’t want recessed doors) and the measurements for the maximum width and height of shower space if you are opting for a shower unit. Stand inside the shower cubicle and make sure you can move around in it too! Get advice from a qualified plumber regarding the waste drainage position and mechanisms of your shower if this is a new addition and not just a replacement of new for old.

aqualux haze corner entry enclosure silver effect

If space is limited, then curved glass frontage has a lower visual impact for a shower cubicle as the curve doesn’t protrude into the available floor space. Design of showers units has increased in recent years and you can now make a feature of the shower itself – not just with lighting, but with decorative door panels. These examples from Homebase illustrate how the cubicle or glass screen is a central design feature of the bathroom.

laura ashley wetroom panel isodore glasshaze pivot recess shower enclosure and tray

The shower can be part of the central bathroom design by using well designed lighting too. Choosing lighting for your shower cubicle is very important – you need to be able to see your shower products, and be able to shave your legs in safety too! But seriously, safety here is vital – light fittings need to have the appropriate IP (ingress protection) rating to be safe within a shower environment, so it is highly recommended you get the advice of a proven qualified and experienced electrician (try for one in your local area).
There are so many amazing ways to add mood lighting and colour to your shower area – check out this gorgeous example from lighting designer Susan Quirke…
Susan Quirke

Beautiful tiling can also ensure that your shower gets some of the design attention. Personally, I love the chance to add some accent tiling in colour panels, blocks or even within the whole shower area. Options for your shower area include a change in colour, (be it tonal or totally opposite on the colour wheel), tile size, tile direction (for example, from horizontal to vertical), introducing pattern, or adding textured tiles.


For a smaller space, then the consistency of tiling into the shower area and flooring is an effective way to ensure the room looks as spacious as possible. Coupled with a glass shower panel, a streamlined toilet and built in wall storage, this tiling design from Project One Wales illustrates how keeping the design simple and stylish in a smaller room can be very effective.

project one wales

If you are painting or papering a feature wall in the room, then complementary or accent feature tiles in the shower area can really help to tie the design together.
Of course, the rise in popularity of the wet room has given us even more choice of shower design and can be an extra taste of luxury – just remember to empty the room first, soggy toilet roll is not a good look! The happy and luxurious compromise is the walk in shower with glass screen – sophisticated and streamlined.
A wet room kit is available to buy from Homebase, but it is recommended that this, or any other shower unit, is fitted by a qualified plumber – you don’t want your shower ending up coming through the living room ceiling!

wet room kit

Shower or bath – which do you prefer? VOTE NOW!

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