A fresh look for spring – use lighting as your inspiration…

Creating a fresh look for spring

Now the clocks have gone forward and spring has definitely arrived, you may be thinking about a spot of spring cleaning and updating your home with a fresh look. There are many ways of changing the look of your interior décor without having to spend a lot of money or updating the whole scheme.

A statement chair, change of or addition to your cushion collection or a change of light fitting are all simple and effective ways of changing your décor and give your home a fresh look for spring. Obvious if you are changing a ceiling light that involves wiring, it’s always best to get a professional to do this part – so you have piece of mind as well as a fantastic new look!

A metallic light fitting is a great way to update a room, from copper to gold to silver, matt or shiny, there are many options available. Metallics will also help to reflect light around a room, so it works hard as well as looks amazing. This example from Litecraft also incorporates glass, so the effect is a bright and stylish centre piece to the room. It’s so versatile, it would look a key part of a traditional or a modern interior scheme.

jacob 1 restoration ceiling light chrome on A Passion for HomesPop of Colour
There’s been a lot of chat this season in interiors about adding a ‘pop of colour’, whether from the pastel or bright colour range, and this is a great way to breathe new life into a room. This purple chandelier is a gorgeous example of how adding a ‘pop of purple’ to a room can be inexpensive and yet extremely effective. Pick up the purple in a few new cushions and home accessories and your room gets new season life without a hefty price tag.
marie threse chandelier plum on A Passion for HomesInspired by the great outdoors
The trend in décor inspired by the garden and great outdoors, including flowers, insects, butterflies and birds continues into this season. But if you don’t want to go for the literal interpretation, these two black metal and glass ceiling lights pay a subtle homage to the nature trend. They are a fantastic alternative to the standard chandelier light fitting, and can also be versatile enough to be the basis of a magnificent mono trend, if you don’t want your mono look to be too minimalistic and highly contemporary.

Table lamp-tastic!
By far the easiest way to update a room on a budget is to invest in a new table lamp, or set of lamps. There are some amazing and quirky examples available this season, with the trend of surprising objects being used as the base of the lamp gaining momentum from last season. I’ve seen parrots, dogs, books, rabbits, owls, snails, tea cups, tea pots and horses. The list is endless. This coffee pot example is a fantastic piece, as it’s stylish as well as quirky and also incorporates the metallic trend – happy days!

teapot chrome table on A Passion for HomesFind a fabulous floor lamps
I love floor lamps; they brighten even the darkest of room corners, come in all shapes and sizes, and are a fabulous and versatile way to add to your room’s design scheme. I have to confess I have one in every room of my house! This white tripod spotlight is a contemporary addition to any home, and with a versatile directional spot light, it’s a functional task light as well as looking great.
tripod table lamp white on A Passion for HomesGarden Style – it’s not all about the inside!
Why should the inside of your house be the centre of your new style for spring – show your garden some love too! Check out this amazing product – is it a light, is it a seat, is it both?

Garden lighting has developed so much in the last few years, there’s so much more than just solar lights and spot lights to choose from. Be the envy of your neighbours and show them that the great outdoors has never looked so cool!
xantian green tub chair on A Passion for Homes

Enjoy the coming spring and contemplating your possible new lighting choices!

All lighting available from www.litecraft.co.uk

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  1. Some great ideas here, I especially like the look of the floor lamps!

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