Check out Linens Direct’s favourite interior trends

Welcome to the blog Linens Direct’s favourite interior design trends and ways of updating your decor, but which one is your favourite?

Bring The Outdoors In
‘Getting back in touch with nature and bringing outdoor themes into the home is a key trend for 2014. We’ll see lots of raw forms, such as stone and untreated wood furniture, natural twig and rock accessories and decor, all tied together with fresh greens, browns, and beiges to really give you that ‘back to nature’ feel.’

TrinkTurqExotic and Ethnic Prints
‘Upholstery, curtains and accessories are all migrating towards an exotic theme this year, with ethnic prints edging their way into our homes. These bold and exciting prints are a test to some people’s comfort zone, but even the smallest splash of print, done with a small cushion or throw can make the biggest change for the better, giving the room more flavour.’

Strike A Cord(uroy)
‘Corduroy isn’t just a fabric used for trousers in the 70s! It’s also a fabulous material to work with in the home, and a recent trend in corduroy sofas has been gaining momentum. It’s a durable fabric that can be used to make the boldest of statements or the subtlest of nods, and we see the trend only continuing to gain momentum throughout this year.’

4300Floral Fancies
‘It’s no secret that floral has been and continues to be one of the biggest interior design trends of recent years. It’s so easy to do, and so durable in that there are a million and one ways to incorporate it into your own preferred style. It is also a great trend for complimenting other trends, with blue floral prints and patterns being a popular way to incorporate both the blue and floral trends.  Do it with pictures, wallpaper, curtains or cushions, and go bold or dialled down, it’s just such an easy going trend, the choice is all in your personal taste!’

Sophia-Black-RedViva La Glam
‘Not for the faint hearted or subtle-lovers, the glamour trend is one of our favourites, as the sparkles and bling really set the mood of a room like no other trend. This modern, stylish and confident trend is for the daring, as it’s all about making a statement with every aspect of the room. Beware though, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with an overcrowded and tacky finish, so make sure your elements all complement each other while being bold in their own right. Think mirrors, think gems, think metallic and monochrome.’

15x20cmA Sea of Blues

‘Blue is undoubtedly the biggest colour trend this year. It is another very durable trend, with varying directions that it can take in order to gel with other trends in the room and suit the designer’s personal taste. Navy is being used to bring out the corduroy trend, with paler pastel blues being combined with the flower trend to create a light, country feel. The possibilities of where this trend can go are almost endless, with a multitude of stunning shades to play with, it’s up to you where you take it.’

Chintz-Blue (3)

Thanks for these interesting ideas Linens Direct – totally loving the corduroy dog too!

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  1. Corduroy? I would never have considered it! But I can see how it would bring some lovely varying textures to the home.

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