Range of beautiful products from Sophie Conran – enjoy!

The herb pots by Sophie Conran that were part of the weekly free prize draw (via Potter and Rest), were so beautiful and popular, I thought I’d share some of her other lovely products with you…


Sophie Conran explains more about the background of her products:

‘I’m a working mother and have turned my love of cooking and home into my work.’

‘As a tot I scuttled between my Dad, Terence, in his design studio and my Mum, Caroline, in her kitchen. These two incredible pillars have provided the inspiration for my current blend of food and design.’

‘I believe in enjoying every moment and in creating a beautiful world around you and your family, with warmth, simplicity and love. One life, live it well’

Also, don’t forget to visit the main A Passion for Homes website for interior design, home staging stories, home products, dream homes, estate agent and show home search facilities, celebrity interviews and beautiful buildings – thanks, Jo

So, who are Potter and Rest? Let them explain more…

‘We are a new ‘true’ virtual garden centre featuring all the usual products and plants an ordinary store and nursery stocks as well as more unusual ones. Our aim is to be the largest true garden centre online with free expert advice available to gardeners via telephone and social media backed by a five-year plant guarantee.’

‘We will have a ‘no quibble’ guarantee on all products and if customers are not happy they will simply get their money back. There will be an emphasis on British grown plants and products wherever possible.’

‘Customers will be able to email in photographs of pests and diseases and get a free diagnosis and advice on how to solve the problem, and they will also be able to get assistance on the best plants or products to use in their gardens.’

‘We have launched www.potterandrest.co.uk with advice provided from gardening guru Peter Burks, who is the immediate past Chairman of the Garden Centre Association and has been running garden centres at directorial and managerial level for more than 30 years.’

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