Bright interior design ideas to brighten your day…

Bright Interior Design for dull days!

Well, we have had a wet and miserable winter and the wind seems to be hanging on into spring, but I’m hoping this feature on using bright colours in interior design will bring some sunshine into your day!

Brights. It’s all about impact…

Fabric by Dedar on A Passion for Homes blog

Fabric by Dedar

Bedding by Heatons on A Passion for Homes

Bedding by Heatons


Firstly, choose your style. You may want to go for a subdued colour palette with a ‘pop’ of colour or a clean and fresh multiple layer approach. Choices, choices…!


Well yes, the most important choice with this scheme is, of course, your choice of colour! But, how do you actually create a cohesive room design using bright colour without it becoming too overpowering?

Firstly, consider the room that you are decorating. Brights in a children’s room is probably a must, a statement wall and accessories in a kitchen diner look great, a carpet or key piece of furniture in a lounge can stimulate but in the bedroom, maybe opt for multiple tones of one or two bright colours or just one bright pattern, as this will probably be more restful!

Arguably, this interior design trend works best when mixed with a neutral palette and one of two bright ‘features’, from a statement piece of furniture to a window dressing. The most obvious mix is with white or black and white, and this combination looks amazing in the kitchen or bathroom. It looks clean, refreshing and contemporary.

Hillarys Blinds on A Passion for Homes blog

Acacia Tango verticals – Hillarys Blinds

Acacia Tango Rollers Hillarys Blinds on A Passion for Homes

Acacia Tango Rollers Hillarys Blinds

However, don’t just consider white as your neutral colour base, this stunning pink chair from Ferne Cotton at steals the show by being enveloped by grey walls.

very fearne cotton pink chair on A Passion for Homes

Fearne Cotton pink chair – Very

But if neutral is a banned word for you, see how picking out the blue stripe from this bright sofa from Marks and Spencer looks spectacular against the matching backdrop. The neutral lamp and purple cushion provide contrasting relief. This amazing piece of bright furniture looks equally stunning in a more neutral room too! Choices, choices!

Marks and spencer on A Passion for Homes

Marks and Spencer

marksandspencer on A Passion for Homes

Marks and Spencer


Using accent colours in this design scheme is crucial. Look at the colour wheel for a guide for the best bright accent colours to choose – the most successful will be on the opposite side to your main colour, providing an amazing contrast.

As a useful guide when thinking of colour is the 70/20/10 rule, which suggests using 70% of one colour on main walls and/or floor, 20% of another colour on furniture and 10% accent colour on accessories such as cushions and ornaments.

In this scheme, it’s up to you whether you want your 70% bright or neutral!

True Colours  Kirath Ghundoo wallpaper (3) carptright on A Passion for Homes


Here Carpetright have chosen an amazing orange carpet as the 70%, white as the 20% and a pattern feature wall as the 10% accent, which is a very successful combination, creating high impact. Personally I would have a yellow cushion on the white chair to boost the 10% accent colour, but that’s just me being picky!

Statement Piece

Well, the statement piece of furniture or accessory is key in this look, as it helps you to introduce bright colours to whatever level you feel comfortable with – from a kitchen to a light fitting!

Trio Coffee Table -Orange (3) Obi on A Passion for Homes

Table from Obi

made_304351230187783 (2) yellow sofa on A Passion for Homes


Bold colour loves bold print. Pick out a pattern scheme that combines your main and accent bright colours to tie the scheme together – flowers and stripes do it in this picture from Tuiss Blinds. Again, I’m thinking a cushion is needed on this chair – pink this time! Sorry, I’m obsessed with cushions!

Cavalli Citronella roman blind

Roman blind from Tuiss


No point in having bright colours in your room if you don’t light them well, so include task and spot lighting as well as layers of accent lighting.

Go for it!

But, if you want to go full on bright, it’s your room! If you use the 70/20/10 rule in mainly bright colours, look what you can achieve! You can’t get much brighter than that!

Original Style - Pop Art - all colours 10x30 mixed square

Pop Art tiles from

Check out some of these products and designs that caught my eye too…

Thanks for joining me in this bright and colourful world!

Copyright: Jo Ridout A Passion for Homes

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