February checkatrade.com and A Passion for Homes ‘How to’ – paint furniture

Monthly ‘How to’ from Checkatrade.com and A Passion for Homes

Our very popular monthly ‘How to’ blog from a checkatrade.com expert continues with:  Painting furniture by Wayne de Wet, independent multiple award winning painter and decorator…

‘With homeowners tightening their belts, DIY furniture painting is something that most people can do – with just a little patience and planning. It’s all about preparation. It will be very rewarding to bring a much loved old piece of furniture back into service, or purchase an old bit of furniture from a boot sale and shock your family and friends into thinking you paid hundreds of pounds once it’s had its makeover!’

‘Like with all painting jobs prepare thoroughly. Get all the necessary tools together before you begin. Next, get each surface to be painted ready by filling any cracks or chips, sanding for an even texture and washing to remove any debris or dirt. These are all very important tasks in the process of creating a first class finish on a piece of painted furniture.’

‘Begin by removing any knobs or handles, decide on replacements and ensure they fit securely.’

‘Lightly sand all surfaces with a Mirka Handy or Ceros sanding device connected to a Henry Hoover or dust extraction unit. This will massively keep the dust away. I use Abranet abrasive 320 grade.’

‘Repair digs, dents or old handle holes, vacuum the surface with a brush attachment then wash and degrease with Krud Kutter original. This is the modern replacement to sugar soap and a much better all-round cleaner. Rinse with clean warm water and allow the surface to dry fully.’

‘Prime using Zinsser Bin, Zinsser Cover Stain, Zinsser Bullseye 123, Dulux Ultra Grip or Crown Grip extreme. All are high quality adhesion primers and offer a reliable bond coat to build your paint on to. As you take on more painting jobs you will establish which product you prefer. Always follow the instructions on the tin.’

‘Apply the primer using a worn in Wooster JNR mini roller with a Pro Dooz sleeve. Lay off after using the roller with a Picasso, Purdy, Wooster, T.Class, Hamilton or Corona brush or any other high quality brush.’

‘Lightly de nib (sand) then wipe over with a blue and slightly damp Mirka Micro fibre cloth. When dry wipe over with a yellow, dry Mirka Micro cloth. By using different colours you can tell the cloths apart easily.’

‘You are now ready for top coats. It is best to use a solvent-based or water-based eggshell. Using a brush and worn-in mini roller, apply evenly, brush out and allow to dry then de nib and wipe over as above with Mirka cloths. Two coats of paint will give a lasting finish. When the paint is totally dry fit the handles back on. Job done!’

Thanks Wayne, I think you have inspired us all to go and have a go at giving new life to an old furniture item that maybe lurking in the loft or garage!

Out of the Dark UK upcycled furniture on A Passion for Homes blog

Out of the Dark UK upcycled furniture on A Passion for Homes blog

Out of the Dark UK upcycled furniture on A Passion for Homes blog

Out of the Dark UK upcycled furniture on A Passion for Homes blog

To find genuine tradespeople in your local area, visit www.checkatrade.com

Checkatrade.com helps combat the UK’s rogue trader problem by continuously vetting and monitoring local tradespeople such as builders, plumbers and electricians as well as service providers.

Checkatrade.com has grown to employ 130 staff with a turnover in excess of £7.5m. It has nearly 13,000 genuine trade members, growing by an average of 300 new members every month. Over the past 12 months, Checkatrade-certified tradesmen carried out a combined total of £1.4b worth of work, with complaints at just one in 215, compared to the national average of one in four.

Photos from www.outofthedark.org.uk check them out, they are amazing organisation…


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  1. You can also avoid solvents and chemical-based paints & varnishes by lightly sanding wooden furniture and then applying clay-based NaturePaint for a soft, chalky matt finish. Or add a small amount of linseed oil for an eggshell-type sheen. Hand-crafted in Cornwall, NaturePaint is wipeable to industry standards and the ONLY interior paint in the UK to have the B&Q Zero VOC mark. Order free hand-painted swatches and a colour card at http://www.naturepaint.com

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