Finalist at UK Blog Awards – yippee and thank you!

This is a story and a thank you about A Passion for Homes – a unique post I didn’t think I would be writing…

So, last Sunday, at midnight, I waited with shallow breaths, trembling hands and pumping heart…

Was George Clooney popping around to say ‘Hi!’ – no – better, yes better, than that – the finalists of the UK Blog Awards 2014 were being announced on their website.

Refresh, refresh, refresh…

I kept clicking refresh until the list appeared, and then there it was.

I got up and walked away – arrrrgggghhhh – couldn’t look, too nervous and excited!

‘Right, calm down Jo!’ I said to myself, ‘it’s not the end of the world if A Passion for Homes didn’t make it!’ – yeah, right!

I scrolled down the page – not the first, second, third listed blog finalist – (more trembling hands!) – number 4 – no, not me…

Then there it was, lucky number five – yippee x 1,000,000! Leaping about the kitchen in my bright pink PJs (sorry if you are eating whilst reading this!) I yelled and jumped about for a long, long time. And I’m still smiling to this day (and will be for many months more).

jo ridout a passion for homes

Arrrrrgggghh – I was sooo nervous!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted, retweeted, voted through LinkedIn and Facebook, wished me good luck, supported me and generally were so lovely that it has brought tears to my eyes – sorry, a bit emotional that, but I mean it with all my heart. Too many of you to thank individually, but you know who you are and you also know that if you want my support in anything you are doing, tweet me!

THANK YOU to UK Blog Awards for this opportunity and having the amazing idea and drive to do this – blogging is the future of online content, you recognise and celebrate this, me and the blogging world salute you!

Why A Passion for Homes blog is important to me... because it’s not all about me! It is important to me to support young entrepreneurs, designers, UK based companies, writers and small businesses too, so the blog is available for free coverage / article for anyone who falls into these categories and I feel that visitors to the blog would benefit from hearing their story. I also support these free guest blogs with social media platform support, and really enjoy meeting new people and developing relationships with the UK homes and design communities! Hope you like my blog as much as I like working on it, especially the joy it has given me by meeting amazing bloggers because of its existence – Happy Days!

Below is a list of the finalists – they are all fantastic blogs, worth checking out and following:

The Quarter-life Tales of Annie Bean
Gingle Lists Everything    http://
Eeep I’m a Blogger
Dear Thirty
Beauty In Beta
Slinky By Tuesday
The Purple Pumpkin Blog
Merchant City Where The Boys Are Pretty
Life as a Widower
Terrible real estate agent photographs

Good luck to all the finalists – have met most of you on twitter, and you are all amazing, I look forward to meeting you at the awards ceremony

Now, where did I put that cocktail dress and Bridget Jones underwear!



  1. Congratulations Jo and a passion for homes, your passion and commitment to support others is no doubt a contributing factor to the success and then your ability to connect with others. I maybe on the other side of the world doesn’t stop me from checking out and enjoying what’s happening on a passion for homes. Loving the info grams hope you find all you need for a glam night out, chris

    1. Thanks so much Hun, so lovely to hear from you and thanks so much for your support. Much love to all ‘Down Under’ JO x

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    You’re a great communicator and writer, a hard worker, but also an all-round lovely person and you deserve this, well done Jo xxx

  3. anitanee · · Reply

    You’re a great communicator, writer, a hard worker, and all-round lovely person, and you deserve this – well done Jo xxx

    1. Thank you so much Anita, that is so kind of you and means so much coming from someone I really, really respect and think is fantastic, jo xxx

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