Review: Christy luxury gold bedding set

Review of Christy Limgoes bedding range.

I always love buying new bedding and/or new towels, even more than shoes! Both can easily freshen up a tired bathroom or forgotten bedroom, that’s what I keep telling myself when I find myself at a cash till buying another set! Anyway, last week was very exciting – the postman delivered a new set of bedding – the Limoges range from Christy. He did think my reaction was slightly over excited – guess he’s just not into new bedding as much as me!

The Limoges has a gold damask and intricate diamond pattern weave accent, and from the Christy website, looked very elegant. So, with growing excitement I opened the package. The set looked very beautiful, even better than I was hoping for.

I could tell from just opening the packaging and taking the set out that the quality was very high. The cotton felt very thick and the damask pattern is actually a tactile pattern, raised slightly, not a printed pattern. Even the buttons to do the duvet up were robust! I have had some trouble with buttons coming off duvets in the washing machine in the past, but these look like they are staying put!

Some nights later I made up the bed.

The set looked stunning, bringing a touch of class to the bed and really making it an elegant focal point.

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes 9

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes

So, I jumped into bed and was just as impressed being in it, as looking at it! It felt of high quality, the pillowcases were soft and comforting and the duvet cover stayed in place all night!

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes 13

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes

I would strongly recommend this bedding from Christy – I know I’m going to get years of wear out of it, and it looks totally exquisite on the bed, far more expensive than it actually is. I am so impressed with the set, I am using it to impress clients in homes that are being home staged for sale. Will have to get another set for myself!

Night, night and sweet dreams…

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes 10

Christy bedding review A Passion for Homes

So, points to think about when buying new bedding:

If you want to get good wear out of bedding, and it is going to be washed frequently (ie, it’s not going on an occasional guest bed) it may be worth investing in a good quality set and getting years of quality use – no fading or broken seams.

If you find a set you love that is perfect for your décor, consider buying two sets! Your bed will look consistently lovely when one set is in the wash and the other set gets a turn!

What is the style of your bedroom and how often do you intend to change the interior design? My bedroom is gold, turquoise and cream and I love it. I may change the accent colour one day to purple, but the wallpaper, bed and furniture will remain for some years. I have a gold damask feature wall that is the star of the show. Actually, it is the gold version of the blue wallpaper recently featured in the Celebrity Big Brother House – not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

So for me, I go for quite neutral bedding that compliments the wallpaper and doesn’t fight it. So the Limoges set was perfect – gold with a subtle damask pattern. Accented with plain gold, plain turquoise and pink/gold stripped cushions, the bed and the wallpaper are in harmony. This is just my personal taste. If you love bright bedding and bold patterns, go for it!

So, when buying bedding, think about how you are going to use it within your bedroom interior design, how often you are going to use it, and how often you are going to update your bedroom’s interior style.

Alternatively, ignore that – and if you love it, just buy it!

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