Monthly decorating tips – how to strip paint

Welcome to a new development for 2014 – a monthly painting and decorating advice blog from Checkatrade expert Wayne de Wet (@decorum28). Thanks to everyone who submitted questions via Twitter and email – the answers will be coming up over the next few months. For this month, Wayne looks at how to strip paint safely in your home. Take it away Wayne (literally!!).

‘As a young man learning my trade, I was not taught, informed, or advised about the hidden dangers that lurk in some paint removers.  Now, as a responsible tradesman I always like to find safe and easy to use products, one such product is HomeStrip and TradeStrip.’

‘So, prepare yourself and the area in question, give yourself enough time to carry out the task and get the right tools and equipment and most importantly, the right paint remover.’

‘Say you are stripping a window sill, protect the area around it, ie the  walls, and floors etc. and anything that you don’t want to accidentally get the paint remover on. It’s good to also protect yourself! Wear gloves, goggles and of course old clothes and footwear.’

‘Cut  a clear plastic cheap dust sheet into several lengths, slightly bigger size than of the sill, this will be used to cover the sill when coated in the HomeStrip or TradeStrip.  Doing this will keep the product “Wet & Working”.’

‘Leave for a few hours and inspect, if the old paint has started to soften, use a Spontex Stainless Scourer gently try scrubbing the paint away in the direction of the grain, this will minimise any scratches.  A second coat  may be required if so leave it overnight, checking your floor and wall protection is adequate if the product drips over night.’

‘Apply a good layer of the product thickly, by brush making sure that it makes full contact and that you have no air pockets.’

‘Next day, scrub the paint off, rinse with clean warm water, allow to fully  dry – then it’s ready for your prep and finish. Dispose of the waste in a sensible manner.’

The EcoSolutions range of products including HomeStrip & TradeStrip are available from:
@decoratingdirect @trade1st @toolstation @brewerspaints
@ColemanBrosLtd @BandQ
@ToolstationUK S and S Home supplies

Wayne de Wet
Grand Winner Dulux Select Decorator of the year 2011
Screwfix Top Uk Tradesman of the year Regional Finalist  2012


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