Improving energy efficiency in your home infographic

So, it’s winter time, and as well as the rain to endure, the worry of rising heating bills in the home is on many people’s minds – I know I am putting on another jumper rather than turn the heating up! Check out this interesting infographic from MPK Lofts outlining how heat escapes and suggestions on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home…

‘Heat loss is a phrase that homeowners will hear a lot, but do they really know what’s going on in their home? Heat loss in the home is actually responsible not only for your nippy toes but also your energy bills. The experts at MPK Lofts have come up with an infographic – Heat Loss Around The Home – which is stuffed full of interesting facts and figures about the temperature in your home. Did you know, for example, that 26% of heat loss in the home is actually due to poor roof insulation? And that secondary glazing as well as curtains can account for a 66% decrease in heat loss?’

Heat Loss Around The Home (3)

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