Review: Yummy Hamper from John Lewis

This week, Christmas came early at A Passion for Homes, with the eagerly awaited arrival of a special gift – a hamper from John Lewis. The box was opened with extreme excitement and the first glance of the contents didn’t disappoint…

A Passion for Homes John Lewis hamper 18

photo (2)

A high quality, superb variety, exciting double layer of goodies, totally yummy!

So, here is a product by product review (typed with my mouth full, sorry!):

Chocca Mocca Chocolates – real blueberries smothered  in blueberry flavour chocolate – succulent, sticky, full of flavour and totally scrummy!

photo (3)

Duncan’s of Deeside Family Recipe Scottish Shortbread – obviously a quality shortbread with a rich taste, buttery, delicious and crisp – more please!

Ardens Green & Black Olive Twists – crunchy and addictive (the whole box eaten in one sitting!), entwined with green and black olives to give an extremely tasty and unique snack experience.

It takes a lot to drag me away from my usual brand of tea, but the 1869 English Tea from New English Teas Limited was a fantastic departure. The flavour and quality of the tea is undeniable and refreshing, this tea addict was very happy!

New York Delhi VIP nuts, Bollywood barbecue – peanuts as you have never tasted before but will want to again, tangy, tasty, terrific!

A Passion for Homes John Lewis hamper 15

Melting Pot Handmade Chocolate Fudge – pure indulgence and pure pleasure, best fudge I have ever tasted!

Lessiters pure Swiss chocolate – it’s chocolate, it’s Swiss and it’s wonderful – enough said!

A Passion for Homes John Lewis hamper 14

Claire’s Handmade Very Fruity Blackberry and Apple Jam – made my toast sing, totally gorgeous!

Olives Et Al – Moorish Coriander and Cumin Olives – wow, a cracking combination of tastes, ‘Moorish’ indeed!

A Passion for Homes John Lewis hamper 12

Bottle Green Spiced Berry Cordial – refreshing and delicious when served hot, a definite hit with everyone who tried it.

Belvoir Fruit Farms Mulled Winter Punch (non-alcoholic) – a brilliant non-alcoholic punch, the smell and taste were rich and warming. Can be mixed with red wine to create a delicious alternative to mulled wine.

Christmas pudding – looks amazing, will let you know what it’s like after Christmas, but if looks are anything to go by – happy days!

A Passion for Homes John Lewis hamper 4John Lewis Alcohol Free Hamper (3)

Available from John Lewis this hamper is highly recommended – check it out on their website, plus below is more details from their website.

John Lewis Alcohol Free Hamper – £60

Presented in this willow storage basket, this alcohol free hamper will make a perfect gift this Christmas. With an array of flavours, this hamper will wake up your taste buds and build up your appetite for a fantastic Christmas meal. From shortbread to cumin and coriander olives, pour a glass of spiced berry cordial for you and a friend and then spend the afternoon nibbling and planning Christmas dinner.

  • Duncan’s of Deeside Family Recipe Scottish Shortbread, 200g
  • Maxwell & Franks Non Alcoholic Christmas Pudding, 454g
  • Chocca Mocca Real Blueberries Smothered in Blueberry Flavoured Chocolate,100g
  • Melting Pot Chocolate Fudge, 95g
  • Claire’s Handmade Very Fruity Blackberry & Apple Jam, 227g
  • Lessiters 10 Purple & Silver Truffles in Pyramid, 95g
  • Belvoir Fruit Farms Mulled Winter Punch, 75cl
  • Ardens Green & Black Olive Twists, 100g
  • Bottlegreen Spiced Berry Cordial, 500ml
  • New York Delhi ViPnuts Bollywood Barbecue Peanuts, 60g
  • Olives Et Al Cumin & Coriander Olives, 150g
  • New English Teas 1869 English Tea,10 tea bags

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