Review and free prize draw for the MeasurePlus tape measure!

The blog welcomes a review from Checkatrade painting and decorating expert Wayne de Wet on the  AXIS by Saffron MeasurePlus.

‘Some would say a tape measure is a tape measure right? With 35 years in the trade I would say I have tried so many, and lost so many more. What with other trades just forgetting to return them, leaving them on jobs I have been to do estimates, customers borrowing them etc.’

‘AxisSaffron tapes measures are one of my favourites to date. MeasurePlus is my latest great find with superb features like,  True-Zero and its magic marker, and printing the measurements on both sides, make this a must have piece of kit!’

‘It’s always good to have more than one. I have one in every tool kit, my wallpapering kit, my carpentry kit, one in the van, one in  the kitchen draw, one in the office, and one in the studio! You can never have too many, because when you want one, I bet you won’t be able to find one.’

‘Saffron Sphere have two brands, AdornSaffron is for their brush range,  which I love! And AxisSaffron is their tool range brand; they caught my eye  at the Coventry paint show in 2012.’

‘The AxisSaffron MeasurePlus  tape measure has so many features..
One of its many features is the built in  Magic marker, allowing the end user to mark whatever is being measured.
It will mark wood, paper, slate, glass and marble and lots of other surfaces.
It also achieves more accurate measuring.’

‘With out the need of a pencil, a red guide is fixed on the tape so this pin points the reading accurately, a tiny wheel marker is fixed to the body and a simple movement marks the surface, the very distinctive brand colours of orange & black make this an easy find in your van or tool box.’

‘A lot of thought has gone into producing this product…
The 5m/16Ft   Tape achieves Class II accuracy.
It uses a  high quality rubber jacket, which  gives  the case that extra protection, also benefiting  from a  comfortable ergonomic design.
The nylon coated, scratch resistant and non reflective, blade is 30% thicker, this aids the smoothness of the pull out & retraction operation.
Durability is tripled, plus the Matt coating helps stop glare whilst reading the measurements.
A long stand out (the length the tape blade can be pulled out, without it bending) is achieved by this thicker blade, nearly  1.75m.   which is needed when measuring  single handed long lengths.’

‘Using AxisSaffron MeasurePlus could not be easier. Simply pull the blade out and it will stay out, to release simply press either of the black ‘break’ buttons. ‘

axis 2axis 1

‘Let me explain about the  moving end cap feature, what its purpose is  as some tape measures clamp the the blade. This feature is called “TRUE-ZERO” and is worth explaining as most trades think of it as a fault rather than a feature!’

‘AxisSaffron MeasurePlus reading starts on the blade at 2.5  not zero. This feature is  automatically adjusted when you simply push the measure to the wall or surface your measuring, as it allows the “Hook” to move freely until it touches the start of the blade reading, (2.5)  the thickness of the (Hook) is automatically added to the reading.’

‘The magnetic end cap (hook) has a thickness of 2.5mm, if the “Hook” was fixed rigid,  when measuring internal and external measurements would give a wrong reading as the thickness of the “hook” would be added. If  measuring external measurements say,  a length of coving, when the “Hook” is placed over the end of the coving and the tape is pulled out the 2.5 thickness of the “Hook” is again automatically adjusted. So no wrong reading is given. Please see supporting diagram which I asked the manufacture to produce as seeing a picture makes is even easier to understand!’

‘A triple rivet, strong double magnetic end hook allows you to stick the tape to metal objects.’

‘A heavy duty  spring and blade mechanism make this a quality tape measure for the professional & serious DIYer. ‘

‘Having both metric and imperial graduations on both side of the tape is ingenious and has really made measuring much more speedier  and easier.’

‘A belt clip and wrist strap makes loosing this great measure less of a problem – I think you will lose it, if you leave it lying around. ‘

‘Carpenters, plumbers and electricians have all used my AxisSaffron MeasurePlus on a recent project, and it was hard to get it back off them!’

•    Easy to find bright orange and black branding
•    Two stop auto lock
•    Two sided blade
•    Belt clip
•    Wrist strap
•    Ergonomic design
•    Magic marker

•     Triple rivet double magnet end hook
•     Nylon coated non-reflective, Scratch resistant blade
•     Metric & imperial graduations
•     Long stand out nearly 1.75m
•     Soft grip
•     Shock proof ABS
•    True-Zero

Well, thanks Wayne, I never knew there was so much design and important features to a tape measure – I want one now!


If you would like to be entered in to a free prize draw for the chance to win one of these amazing tape measures (there are three to give away), please  just tweet me on @passionforhomes (and include @decorum28 in the tweet), saying you would like to enter or email before 5pm on February 4th for a chance to get your hands on this very handy piece of equipment for all those New Year’s jobs around the home!

You must be 18 or over to enter and you can only enter once. Winners will be selected at random. We may use your name and/or your twitter handle to announce you are a winner, and you must supply your name, address and contact number via email or direct message on Twitter – good luck!

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