A Baroque Bathroom where the Bath is the Star

Loving the Baroque theme of the Celebrity Big Brother house decor at the moment, maybe they saw my bathroom ideas!

The Mood

With this bathroom interior design, I wanted to create an opulent and elegant room that is a joy to relax in and yet uses certain materials, colours and techniques to create the sense of space and light. A relaxing room that oozes a mood of luxury and glamour, but not overpowering and claustrophobic.


To create as much light as possible and the illusion of more space than there actually is, I have used numerous light reflecting surfaces such as a metallic gold leaf finish on the bath, two mirrors, white high sheen porcelain, metallic light reflecting wallpaper, crystal chandeliers, glass shower wall, and white wall and floor tiles containing flecks of quartz and mother of pearl and glass.

Regarding light sources I have used well positioned, angled sunken spot lights as task lighting in a row above the sink mirror, spotlights in the main ceiling including in the shower area, purple coloured uplighters around the bath that are seamlessly sunken into the floor around the bath for mood and atmosphere, a show-stopping crystal chandelier above the bath, wall chandeliers each side of the sink mirror, a mirrored wall radiator and a purple light source behind the sink mirror.


The sense of space is achieved by seamlessly extending the white floor tiles up on to the walls to half way up, by choosing clear lighting (crystal chandelier) that is not a block of colour, the use of mirrors and integrated storage, a sink with four narrow legs and a wall hanging toilet – all create seamless lines , so the eye does not get distracted – but more on these points later!


The main colour theme is gold, purple and white, with high sheen porcelain, gold leaf, metallic wallpaper sheen, purple lighting, crystal, quartz and mother of pearl all playing their part. Texture is provided by smooth and seamless tiles and porcelain against the patterns of gold leaf, baroque wallpaper, and mosaic tiles.

The Bath is the Star

As you enter the bathroom, you are immediately drawn to the far wall, where there is a raised platform with a metallic bath taking centre stage. The exterior of the bath is gold leaf, so reflecting light from the sunken floor uplighter spots, placed in the floor around the bath at regular intervals, sending purple tinted light up to the metallic finish, where it is reflected, creating a relaxing mood.


Metallic bath from C P Hart


Gold leaf for the exterior of the bath – C P Hart

Above the bath hangs a large and ornate crystal chandelier, containing multiple light reflective clear crystal droplets. A very large gold guilt baroque mirror hangs on the far wall, next to the bath, reflecting the light from the uplighters, creating double light as it replicates the chandelier via its reflection. This mirror is vital, as it gives the illusion of space as you walk into the room, as the back wall is a reflection of the room and makes it appear that the room goes on further than it actually does.


John Lewis


Ornate Gold Mirror

The bath is on a platform for a number of reasons:

To make sure it is the centre piece of the room

So when relaxing in the bath, the luck bather can see the view out of the window

To allow for integrated storage under the bath in the form of two ‘secret’ drawers which have a push open and soft close mechanism, ideal for towel storage. The platform therefore is reinforced to allow for the weight of a high quality bath, water, and one (or two!) bathers!

Continuous flooring

The flooring is a high quality white tile which contains multiple quartz and mother of pearl pieces, to ensure that glamour is coupled with giving the room a sense of space. This is enhanced by the flooring continuing on the bath platform and into the shower area (no shower tray in this design). The floor tiles also continue up the walls to half way, creating a flow between floor and walls, and fooling the eye – making it more difficult to define the floor size, and therefore the size of the room.

tons of tiles white quartz and mother of pearl

White quartz and mother of pearl from Tons of Tiles

Metallic, secret walls

So, half way up the walls the tiles stop, but this bottom half of the walls is a false wall, protruding 6 inches into the room, on each wall, for a number of reasons:

Provide definition between the tiles and the wallpaper

Provide integrated storage, so there are no products or clutter on show within the room, helping give the sense of space to the room – more about storage later!

The upper half of the walls is gold metallic baroque influenced wallpaper of high quality and again providing light reflecting surfaces through the metallic gold background.


Laura Ashley gold metallic wallpaper

The false wall also provides a shelf facility on the top of the protrusion, which is tiled in gorgeous purple mosaic tiles (which also make an appearance in the shower). This shelf is handy for the placement of products when they are being used at the sink and in the shower, provides a colour break of yummy purple between the white tiles and gold metallic wallpaper, plus it provides a great place to put your glass of wine or cup of tea when relaxing in the bath!

Integrated storage

So, you’ve met the false lower wall and how it helps the design and usage of the room, but did you know it houses all the storage in the room?! A secret cupboard either side of the toilet for toilet paper, bleach and brush, a secret cupboard either side of the sink for products and a shelf and cupboard in the shower for products.

This shower cupboard is in the corner of the shower, is curved to mimic the curve of the glass shower wall, is a push open and soft closed cupboard and is decorated in the beautiful purple mosaic tiles.

The drawers under bath that are hidden in below the bath platform is a fantastic place to store dry towels.


So, I’ve covered lighting areas in the opening section of the blog, but it is important that each of these light areas are on a separate circuit, so they can be switched on and off and dimmed separately, creating different moods and also providing vital task lighting. The room needs to be functional as well as beautiful! The sections are the general ceiling spots, the task lighting spots above the sink, the purple sink mirror light and bath uplighters and the chandeliers (on the wall and above the bath).


Wall chandelier


There is under floor heating throughout, with the mirrored wall radiator next to the sink, behind the door – again the mirrored surface reflecting light and giving the illusion of space.

 Sink area

The sink is an elegant porcelain four legged table, with the high shine white surface reflecting light, and the legs ensuring that there is little interruption for the eye to the flow of the flooring throughout the room.


London Console Basin from C P Hart

As already mentioned, there is integrated storage either side of the sink, a stunning ornate mirror above the sink, which conceals a cupboard behind it – it is the door of the cupboard! This not only allows for hidden storage, but provides room to purple led bulb installation, so that when the cupboard is closed, the mirror appears to be floating and surrounded by a halo of purple light.



Shower area

The shower area is to the right of the door, opposite the bath. To maintain the room flow, it has a curved glass wall and a marginally sunken floor to allow for water drainage to the floor plug hole, but also means there is no need for a show tray.

Opposite this curved wall of glass, there is the integrated cupboard already mentioned, mimicking this curve, with push open, soft close mechanism. The white quartz tiling covers the walls in the shower area, but is accented with a floor to ceiling section of the purple mosaic tiles.

Mulberry Purple Sparkle Glass Mosaic tile from mosaicvillage.co.uk

Mulberry Sparkle Glass Mosaic from Mosaic Village

Toilet area

The toilet is wall hung, so as not to interrupt the continuous flow of the floor tiles, and is white porcelain and neat. If has hidden storage in the false wall either side, and an ornate wall hung toilet roll holder!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my beautiful baroque bathroom, grab your bubble bath and wine glass next time you visit and go for a soak!

For further information about bathroom products, including wetrooms – visit the C P Hart website www.cphart.co.uk

Copyright Jo Ridout, A Passion for Homes Ltd.

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