Results of the UK’s favourite homes TV programme

The results of the poll – ‘Favourite homes TV programme’ are in and it seems that we love to watch large scale, awe-inspiring building projects, as Grand Designs storms to the top of the poll and stays there, getting an impressive 25% of the total votes – well done Mr McCloud!

George Clarke does well in the poll – achieving a joint third tie (with himself!), as his programmes Restoration Man and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces both get 10% of the vote.

Seems we are a nostalgic bunch as well, as the 1990s hit TV programme Changing Rooms gets 4% of the total vote.

Here are the full results (those programmes in the poll that didn’t get a vote are not included in the results):

Grand Designs:                                       25%

Location, Location, Location:         13%

Restoration Man:                                 10%

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: 10%

Property Ladder:                                  8%

DIY SOS:                                                  7%

Homes Under The Hammer:           6%

Changing Rooms:                                  4%

Phil Spencer Secret Agent:               4%

A Place in the Sun:                                3%

60 Minute Makeover:                         3%

Double Your House:                            3%

Escape to the Country:                       1.5%

Half Built House:                                   1.5%

Secret Location:                                     1%

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