Latest tech available for a smart home

Kit out your home with the latest tech without breaking the bank

By Kris Gamble, director of Customised and founder of Live Install

‘As technology continues to advance, smart home technology is following the trend. People want their homes to be filled with the latest kit – whether it provides entertainment, security or assists hectic lifestyles. But how do you upgrade your home without spending a fortune?

aquavision_bathroom_4 (3)

With an increase in the number of gadgets available to help make your cutting-edge home a reality, companies are forced to compete. Products previously considered luxuries are becoming accessible to the masses and bringing activities into our homes at affordable prices, including the Apple Airport Express and Apple TV.

The Apple Airport Express costs £79 – great value for money when you consider that once it’s connected to your wireless network, you have a secure Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless AirPlay music streamer and network printing, all available from one device.

You can even turn your whole house into a multi-room audio system by adding an additional Airport Express to another hi-fi in a different room. There’s no limit to how many rooms you can stream audio to and at that price, you just might want it in every room!

And what about something for film fans? Well, for £99, you can hook up Apple TV. With it, you can enjoy all the music, films, videos and apps from iTunes on the big screen. No more crouching over a tiny laptop screen; Apple TV brings smart functions to a non-smart TV with built-in Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo apps.

Customised - Home Smart Technology

Apple TV also has built in AirPlay audio and video functions meaning you can send videos from your iPhone or iPad to your living room TV, wirelessly. Open the BBC iPlayer app on your iPad and send the stream through Apple TV to your big screen, all without wires.

Apple TV is yet another affordable piece of kit that allows you to maximize the capabilities of your IOS device and lets you fully enjoy media purchased on iTunes – sounds perfect to me!

This is just the start to creating a truly smart home and gives you a taster of the benefits of smart home technology. Moving on from Apple Airport Express and Apple TV, you might want to look at how technology can improve the function of lighting, heating or security in your home. Or you might even want to go one step further by connecting your entire home to a common wiring system, allowing everything to be operated from one control panel.

Affordable smart home technologies are certain to continue to develop as we evolve our way of thinking, incorporate them into our lives and maximise the benefits they bring. With increasingly hectic lifestyles, looking for ways to do simple tasks more efficiently or simply enjoy precious free time is becoming more important.

Customised - Home Smart Technology

Simple, cost-effective solutions to enhance your enjoyment of television and music are great introductions to the world of smart home technology. Why not see how they could enhance your home life?

Kris Gamble is the director of Customised and founder of Live Install.




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