Dining in style – Wharfside style

With the rise in popularity of kitchen-diners with many house buyers, and many people getting out the sledgehammer just to make sure their home has one, isn’t it worth thinking through your choice of dining table and chairs to suit your space and your needs? Yeah, I thought so too, and actually although I’m not on the look out for new dining furniture, that hasn’t stopped me having a good nose at these little beauties showcased by Julia from Wharfside Furniture.

Take it away Julia…

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Dining Room Furniture

The dining table is one the most used pieces of furniture in the home. So much of family life happens around the table, so many memories are created there. Invest in the right dining table and it will become more than a piece of furniture; it will be part of the family.

Here are my top ten tips for choosing a family dining table:

a passion for homes wharfside pic 1

1. Choose a dining table that’s adaptable

You need your table to accommodate large dinner parties as easily as rowdy breakfasts. I prefer an extendable table, especially in an open-plan space.

Think about adaptable seating, too. Bench seats are a practical option with a contemporary feel.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 2

2. Choose a dining table you love

This table will hopefully be around for a long time. Take the time to choose a table that really speaks to you. You won’t regret it.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 3

3. Choose a dining table that’s comfortable

Inevitably, your table will be adapted for various activities throughout the day. Make sure that the table and its chairs are wonderfully comfortable – for dinner parties, homework sessions or late-night online shopping.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 4

4. Choose a dining table that’s resilient

Your table will become one of the most hard-working pieces of furniture in your home. Go for solid woods and quality craftsmanship or you’ll find yourself replacing it every few years – which is a waste of time, money and environmental resources.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 5

5. Choose a dining table that’s timeless

 Your table will become heavily-laden with memories as the years progress. If you want this dining set to become a family heirloom, go for something timeless or retro.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 6

6. Choose a dining table that’s unfussy

Your home is already crammed full of toys and books, so if there’s too much detail in your furniture, the overall visual effect will be chaotic. Choose a style that is fairly simplistic to achieve a more calming atmosphere.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 7

7. Choose a dining table that’s effortless

For example, make sure that the extension mechanism on your dining table is light and smooth, and easy enough for one person to do alone. The leaves should store inside.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 8

8. Choose something that oozes quality

A dining set which is well-crafted and well-designed will give a sense of understated sophistication to the most ‘family-friendly’ home.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 9

9. Choose something easy to live with

Go for a relaxed, contemporary look, rather than the heavy traditional look or the harsher modern look. This new, informal design language is better suited to family life.

a passion for homes wharfside pic 10

10.  Choose something low-maintenance and easy to clean

Weetabix, felt tips, playdough and red wine? Just an average day, then. Choose solid woods or Corian and leather seats, apply soap and water. Easy. What do you think makes a great dining table?

Thanks Julia, a lovely range of styles – which one is your favourite?

Available from www.wharfside.co.uk/dining-furniture

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  1. A great set of examples and illustrations of kitchen diners. My favourite is the combination kitchen drawer table. What a great idea.

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