The Magnificent Seven…Sofas!

Guest blog by Mike Bowers

Mike Bowers is an independent interior designer based in Leicester. He pulls together his favourite product finds over at the Bowers blog on the website of UK Oak Doors for whom he provides freelance design advice.

Seven Stunning Sofas

‘When you’re buying furniture for your home, one decision I believe you should never tread lightly around is which sofa to buy.  For me, the sofa is the most important furnishing in my home; it not only needs to entice me to sink into it when I want to relax and de-stress at the end of the day, but it needs to look good and complement the rest of the room.  Here are seven that caught my eye recently….’

Black leather sofa

Black leather sofa

‘Black leather sofas are by nature, classic and timeless. This one would make for a welcome addition to my home, though it definitely has widespread appeal too.  It’s a stylish and elegant focal point when guests come over for a visit, but is also easy to maintain and keep clean with kids and pets at home.  Leather isn’t the cheapest material around, but it’s a worthy, durable investment, and a black leather piece such as this one should seamlessly fit in with other interior designs and styles in the home.’

The Peebles sofa

Peebles sofa

‘For me, the best sofas are the most eye-catching, so naturally I love this colourful piece.  The Peebles sofa ticks all boxes, with its vibrant patchwork colours, and, it looks very comfortable too.’

Zigzag armless settee


‘Sofas can take up lots of space, so a small room needs a sofa that isn’t going to dominate it.  Armless sofas are a good idea for small rooms, because by saying goodbye to the arms, you reduce the bulk.  But, armless sofas don’t need to be boring or compromise on style.  Bold patterns and zigzags are fab on these types of sofas as it gives them a contemporary twist, which I really love.’

Cushionized sofa

cushionised sofa

‘I’m always on the look out for unusual and eclectic pieces for the home, and the cushionised sofa makes for an inspiring talking-point. The sofa is made up of a number of stacked cushions of individual colours, with a deep seating area, that just screams to be sunk into. You can’t get much more ‘statement sofa’ than this.’

Helene settee


‘Floral is big at the moment, and while it’s not quite up my street, I can see why others might love these patterns – this stunner is retro without being gaudy and chitzy.’

Davenport Apartment sofa

Davenport sofa

‘A white sofa has timeless charm and I can’t help but think this is a superb choice for anyone looking for a space-saving sofa on a budget.  Its simple style means it will work with most decors and the plain white makes it easy to brighten up with some colourful cushions or throws.’

Vladimir Kagan

vladimir kagan

‘This sofa has got to be my favourite; it’s simple, but makes a statement. It’s spacious and comfortable. And it’s the ideal accompaniment to a minimalist living area. I can really see this working with a shapely, glass coffee table and one or two standout decorative pieces. Can I have it please?!’

Thanks for sharing Mike, amazing sofas!

My favourite is the Pebble Sofa, what’s yours?



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