Where should I be living…?

Colin Farr from findahood.com

In 2006 I was searching the web to find a good place to live in London. I was not decided on a specific location but I wanted to find a neighbourhood that suited to me. I wanted somewhere in London with low crime, low prices and I was interested to find people of a similar age group and social status to myself too.

Back then I was able to type potential postcodes into upmystreet.com and compare them. The problem with this approach was that, although I was open to suggestions, I had to already have a particular postcode in mind to compare.

During my career as a data analyst and web site developer I was inspired to solve this neighbourhood comparing dilemma and realised I had the ability to do something about it myself.

I set about sourcing a rich variety of datasets that could be used to compare all areas of London with a complex algorithm hidden behind a bright, simple and friendly web site. Last year I extended the comparison out to include the whole of England – that’s nearly 7000 neighbourhoods compared!

First, you describe your perfect neighbourhood using sliders to indicate the importance of many factors such as: age range of residents; their marital status; crime levels; school results; locality of parks; neighbourhoods with lots of gardens; income of residents and more.

pic 1

Second, you describe yourself to help us to further calculate your perfect neighbourhood.

pic 2

Thirdly, you click the button to see your top neighbourhoods ranked by suitability to who you are and what you are looking for. The results are listed and mapped onto a beautiful map of the region that you can click to discover more. Clicking on your recommended locations will open up a much more detailed breakdown of your recommended neighbourhood.

pic 3

Now in 2013 I am very pleased with the results. I am convinced of the algorithm used to find users’ top neighbourhoods. I’m pleased with the look and usability of the web front end and just starting to feel a buzz from social networks and site visitors. Hopefully people will really benefit from the useful service it can provide all potential movers.

Findahood.com really is a genuinely useful and free service – check it out!
Colin Farr
Creator of findahood.com
E: colin@findahood.com
T: @findahood



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