Castles, country homes and creepy noises

Whilst looking for something to do over the Hallowe’en period, I came across these amazing properties that not only look fantastic but all have a spooky story to tell about some very intriguing tenants and visitors!

Ackergill Tower Castle

In the 15th century, Ackergill Tower Castle was owned by the Keith family who were in a feud with the Gunn family. After several murders and revenge murders on either side, Helen Gunn was abducted by a member of the Keith family for her beauty. She either jumped or fell from the tower at the castle trying to escape. She’s now seen either as a green lady, or as a lady in a long red ball gown with tall black hair. Ackergill Tower Castle is in Caithness, Highlands of Scotland and is now a luxury hotel owned and managed by Clarenco. (Picture source)

Tulloch Castle

Tulloch Castle, in Dingwall also in the Highlands of Scotland and a luxury hotel owned by Oxford Hotels & Inns, is actually thought to have many ghosts – but the most-sighted ghost, and the ghost most talked about, is the Green Lady. She has been sighted so frequently, the bar in the castle is actually named the Green Lady Bar and a portrait of the lady believed to be the Green Lady, Elizabeth Davidson, hangs in the Great Hall.  The Green Lady is also one of the few ghosts that has been captured on film, prompting numerous investigations into the castle. A number of paranormal teams have investigated the castle over the years, and they have found some very interesting results. Balls of light, orbs and icy cold patches of air have been seen and felt and constant noises, clicks, bangs and thuds have been recorded on film – with no explanation. (Picture source)

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House, just outside Nelson in South Wales, is a living history museum set in 1645, but it is also reputed to be one of the most haunted manor houses in Wales, if not the UK.  Strange things have been experienced in almost every room, along corridors and
upon stairs. Things seen, heard or felt, or sometimes odours in the air of violets or lavender – and on some occasions, roast beef! Perhaps the figure most often experienced is that of what is believed to be a nineteenth century housekeeper known as “Mattie”. The rustle of her petticoats
has been heard in the bedchamber where it is believed she died, tragically, so many years ago and yet the saddest is the ghost of a little boy who fell to his death from one of the upper rooms. I have visited the Manor myself and had a raspberry blown at me (typical!!). LF is a beautiful property, owned and managed by Caerphilly County Borough Council. (Picture source)

Malahide Castle

The 800 year old Malahide Castle near Dublin, Ireland, is reported to have five ghosts!  These include the spectre of young Lord Galtrim, Sir Walter Hussey, son of the Baron of Galtrim, who in the 15th Century was killed in battle on his wedding day. This Lord Galtrim wanders through the Castle at night pointing to the spear wound in his side and uttering dreadful groans! Then there is the ghost of Miles Corbett, the Roundhead to whom Cromwell gave the Castle and property during his protectorate. He was hanged, drawn and quartered and when his ghost first appears it seems to be a perfectly whole soldier in armour, but then falls into four pieces before the eyes of anyone who has the unpleasant experience of meeting it – yuk!  Malahide Castle is owned by Fingal County Council together with new operators Shannon Heritage. (Picture source)

Berry Pomeroy Castle owned by English Heritage

Within the 15th-century defences of the Pomeroy family castle in Devon, England, looms the dramatic ruined shell of its successor, the great Elizabethan mansion of the Seymours. Begun in c.1560 and ambitiously enlarged from c.1600, their mansion was intended to become the most spectacular house in Devon. Although never completed, and abandoned by 1700, it is said to be home to numerous spectres including The White Lady, belived to be the restless soul of Margaret Pomeroy. She haunts the dungeons of St. Margaret’s Tower and has been seen waving to visitors! She was held captive in the castle dungeons by her own sister, Eleanor, because of jealousy and starved to death in the dungeons. (Picture source.)

Having totally spooked myself out, and unable to sleep, I also came across the following websites featuring intriguing properties, that you might be interested in too! (be warned, this site has sound effects that made me jump!)

Happy Hallowe’en!


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